T61 (T-61 Euthanasia Solution, Tanax) of MSD is undeclared from the acutely toxic etching chemical N, N-dimethylformamide! T61 & is declared completely wrong! T61 contains only 1/3 of the declared embutramide – the 25th part of tetracaine – half of mebenzonium! So that the animals suffocate very slowly through T61 & “feel inside” or why else? T61 of the MSD is not a killer, because the anesthesia is thereby lifted & the paralysis works in seconds.

(T61-Euthansia Solution, Tanax)
is the devil!

Holocaust on animals and later on humans!

T61 / T61-Euthansia Solution / Tanax

was Hunted in the world in 1961 as Grünenthal’s

Contergan came from the market!

Is the Intervet and the MSD the devil?

T61 (T-61 Euthanasia Solution, Tanax) paralyzes immediately & corrodes & stifles the animals very slowly! The document forgery of T61 is covered worldwide!

They deceive the whole world and in the so-called Euthanasia they let the animals cruelly by the fire-burning N, N-dimethylformamide (Ameisendimethyl) in every fiber of the body!

The “euthanasia” happens with T61 (T61-Euthanasia Solution) by an internal felt burning with complete paralysis (suffocation) by two crippling chemicals:


T61 –
T61 Euthanasia Solution – Tanax
T 61 ad us. vet. injection –
(Tanax in Italy and Chile
T-61 Euthanasia Solution in Canada)

The hazard symbols of DMF (T61)


Represents T61 a thalidomide

replacement around the world?

Or why does the poison smuggler Intervet give the forbidden order to bury the dead animals? And so pure N, N-dimethylformamide !!!

T61 was hunted in the world as Contergan came off the market:


with the wrong name “for euthanasia”

The chemical DMF is one of the substances of very high concern (SVHC) and is listed in the ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) candidate list. But it is also protected by the Directorate-General for Consumers – European Commission – click here: https://qualvolle-einschlaeferung.de/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Europ%C3%A4ische-Kommission-Absage.pdf

T61 (Tanax) “to euthanasia” revived instead

of killing & paralyzing the animals in seconds!

The previous anesthesia must be lifted unnoticed! T61 (Tanax – T61-Euthansia Solution) does not contain any narcotic! The hypnotic embutramide is only one third of it!
The main component is the acutely toxic & explosive N, N-dimethylformamide (DMF) amounting to 33,125.00 grams in a 50 ml bottle of T61 (Tanax – T61- Euthansia Solution) instead of the pre-gelatinized 566.67 mg!

T61 (Tanax, T61-Euthansia Solution) is mislabeled, mislabeled “for euthanasia” and misappropriated (fictitious!), Or allegedly in 2004, although it’s been on the road in the world since 1961 to torture animals! Does the heart begin to beat again by tetracaine, which paralyzes the animals, after the veterinarian determines the supposed death, as in lidocaine? “Tributame Euthanasia Solution” from Teva – the Israeli pharmaceutical company – contains lidocaine! Is this only the 25th part of it? In T61 (Tanax, T61-Euthansia Solution) only the 25th part of Tetracaine is declared as having been declared!

Therefore, only one-third of embutramide was added
because the main substance of it
in low dose, the consciousness expands?

The allegedly deafening Embutramid has been added only one third, which causes in high doses according to the American Wikipeda cardiac arrhythmia and respiratory arrest. However, at low doses, GHB, of which Embutramid is the offspring, acts as an enhancer, enhancing the sense of “inwardness” and enhancing the mind, repairing heart and lung tissue cells, and allowing animals to live without oxygen !! The anesthesia ketamine in the additive heats up the revitalizing effect of norepinephrine production, and xylazine additionally acts crippling, but it is always used when the barbaric T61 is used by veterinarians.

But the main component of T61 is the explosive in the
World in Any Product Prohibited DMF (N, N-dimethylformamide)

Here’s the proof – the laboratory report from Avomeen:

 T61 laborbefund avomeen (1)

The pre-hyped product information of MSD Germany and Intervet Deutschland GmbH or Intervet International Germany and Intervet SA in Romania- (if the link does not work again enter the search bar T61 MSD, because they are now switching the link for a few days – since we published this, as we think):



Flagge der Vereinigten Staaten      

By the wrong decisions of the wrong judge: Judge Grape, judge Niederfahrenhorst, judge Mögerlein from the district court Munich I ignore all laws and judge for criminality and for one of the largest crimes at animals and in addition, for humans, before the acutely poison DMF not be warned. They ignore the registration pillage, the medical and declaration laws, animal protection laws ………………….
However, they also ignore the fact that the 2011 cost-fixing decision is invalid (among many other things, new facts from our 1st lab analysis from 2012 proving that T61 is illegal and a scam because T61 was declared totally wrong and T61 consists of smuggled N, N-dimethylformamide and the complete composition has been declared wrong) (2010 to 2012 the presiding judge Lemmers, Judge Hansen, Judge Berger-Ullrich), who ignore all laws

In some countries, the label and packaging is not white-black, but white-orange or white-light blue – in some countries it is warned that the meat of edible animals that have been killed in this way can not be eaten, but not in France, Peru, Russia, Turkey, Czech Republic or Spain! Because there are more Christians and Muslims living there? Where most Jews live is warned about what we mean!

T61 is banned in the US. In each country it is declared differently, sometimes DMF is not declared at all even in traces and sometimes there is only 1 ml of DMF in the wrong declaration or in Poland T61 according to the declaration consists of 100% DMF without naming it, because it became with 100 ml “excipient” declared! It gets even better, because in plen T61 is not even registered!

Peru and Turkey have no “storage conditions”, although the main explosive part can explode from 25 degrees! In some countries, however, the storage condition is given up to 25 degrees Celsius. In Russia, however, is warned that this may not be stored over +2 to +5 degrees! In another country, however, is again warned that you should not keep it in the fridge or in the freezer !!!

Embutramide is the derivative of GHB (gamma-hydroxbutyric acid), which acts as an entakterogen in low dose and one can thereby “inward feel”
– It has a mind-expanding effect and therefore probably also intensifies your feelings!

It also has a life-prolonging effect and can reduce the oxygen consumption, since rats in animal experiments had been exposed to a 30-minute oxygen deprivation and they did not die as a result!

When the heart has stopped beating
is the brain activity still active !!!

Lidocaine causes the heart to strike again later!
Is not this also made by tetracaine
the same group the case?
Or why you have the next
Day still found live animals,
only then out of paralysis
came out and then show
could they still live?

The surface anesthetic that can only numb the skin surface is tetracaine and is toxic and “irritant”, it burns. It must not be used in any drug for neural therapy such as lidocaine, but there is a relationship to lidocaine, because it belongs to the same group!

It can act like lidocaine – which is included in the US product (“Medicines”) Tributame Euthanasia Solution, because it’s from the same group. This can paralyze the heart and when the veterinarian listens to the heart, he thinks that the animal is now dead. However, with lidocaine, the heart begins to strike again later! So is it not possible to explain that the next day you have found live animals and that the vet, if he listens to the heart of animals supposedly killed with T61, thinks that the animals are dead?

Tetracaen, however, paralyzes except dogs
still horses, cattle and pigs
The Avomeen Laboratory Report confirming that the explosive world-banned chemical DMF (N, N-Dimethylformamide) is the major killing agent for animals used by most veterinarians in Germany and around the world to unconsciously feed old and sick animals torment instead of euthanizing.

Do not all American animals, when euthanized with Tributame Euthanasia Solution – by the Israeli Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Limited – also have to suffocate?

Is not the German horror caustic for the whole world from almost the same active ingredients? With the difference that it paralyzes dogs, horses, cattle and pigs instead of just dogs, and that the German etchant manufacturer only added the active ingredients to a 25th part, half and one third? Has it perhaps smuggled in explosive-looking caustic as a major part of it to increase the pain and agony? Or rather not because there are so many Jews in the US who are not allowed to contaminate?

Does lidocaine only paralyze the dogs? Why is Tributame Euthanasia Solution of the Israeli Teva (now by Bayer) only approved for dogs for euthanasia? http://www.dr-peter-neu.de/2016/03/07/2016_3-magendrehung-mit-komplikationen-kardioversion/

Quote from it: “One gives lidocaine 1-2% as Bolusinjektion. This injection paralyzes the heart for a brief moment, and when it “starts up” it may be beating back into its normal rhythm. Similar to a defibrillator “.

T61 is hell for the poor animals –
it has acute toxicity to humans

For the fact that the Intervet Germany or Intervet International (Merck Animal Health / Schering Plow) has finished me and our club since 2009 and botched my life – I lost everything even my home and 3 million euros because the CSU the forgery of T61 (Tanax, T61-Euthanasia Solution) and seems to accept the suffering of the animal either approvingly or is itself Zionist and would like to let the animals suffer! Because the CSU consists of the USA, in which, in turn, Zionism is practiced by the Vioxx student counterfeiter MSD? https://www.cducsu.de/veranstaltungen/referenten/hanspeter-quodt

Will Merck & Co (MSD – Sharp & Dohme GmbH) illegally deliver tons of euthanasia for animals for execution in the United States?
October 9, 2018 8 comments
Is Beuthanasia D from Intervet & MSD (Merck & Co)
also from the main part N, N-dimethylformamide
like her smuggled T61
(Tanax – T-61 Euthanasia Solution)?

NDR/SZ Rechercheverbund Beuthanasia | VET Pharma Friesoythe GmbH


Special Caution

In the US, the dogs are with
Beuthanasia D of the studies faking
MSD Sharp & Dohme GmbH euthanised!
But also people on death row
become euthanasia remedies with the dogs
Beuthanasia D executed!

Does Beuthanasia D, like T61, have the major component, such as T61, the fire-burning N, N-dimethylformamide of formic acid, which is even explosive?


Any combination of pentobarbital with a debilitating neuromuscular agent is totally unacceptable as a method of euthanasia. However, in the market available combinations of products such as Beutanasia-D, which combines with other substances pentobarbital, to accelerate cardiac arrest.

Beutanasia-D is a stock III drug, which means that it can be obtained from the manufacturer by a person or company with the DEA registration, without order. However, Camp III drugs are subject to the same safety requirements and control of the line that the drug II inventory “.

Taken from the source https://www.mascotarios.org/de/declaracion-de-human-society-sobre-eutanasia-en-perros/

Is the Fake Firestop Explosive

T61 also being used by people in the US?

Quote ” And you find an occasional use of a euthanasia solution called T-61, which is very much like the three-drug combination used in human executions. Yet almost without exception, the use of neuromuscular blocking agents in animal euthanasia is considered unethical. The vast majority of animal euthanasia is carried out by means of sodium pentobarbital, and there is strong consensus among humane organizations and veterinary groups that this is the single most humane euthanasia method”.

Taken from the source: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/all-dogs-go-heaven/201112/animal-euthanasia-and-capital-punishment-some-uncomfortable

More under: https://qualvolle-einschlaeferung.de/msd-https-www-cducsu-de-veranstaltungen-referenten-hanspeter-quodt-liefert-illegal-tonnenweise-euthanasiemittel-fuer-hinrichtungen-in-die-usa/

Do not they all pretend that the anesthetic regulation for the animals would remedy the situation, even though all the animals regain consciousness as soon as the T61 etchant is brought to the poor anaesthetized animals?

Intervet / MSD has threatened us again since last year to fight the truth because of its insecticide Bravecto: https://qualvolle-einschlaeferung.de/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Unterlassungserkl%C3%A4rung-Intervet-MSD.pdf

Death penalty execution filmed by US killer

“America’s executioners have supply problems: States lack a narcotic. Therefore, they use a drug with which otherwise animals are euthanized. Lawyers for a condemned man sued – and enforced that an execution was filmed as evidence”. http://www.spiegel.de/panorama/justiz/todesstrafe-hinrichtung-von-us-moerder-gefilmt-a-775928.html

Were the dying paralyzed in execution after 10 minutes?

Executions of people in the USA:

The last words from the mouth of the
dying death candidates were:

“I feel that my whole body is burning.”

“……………. According to American media reports, eyewitnesses said he had visibly fought death for ten minutes. ………… .. The television journalist Sheila Gray, who was present at the execution, later reported that McGuire had been desperately fighting for air for about ten minutes before his death. “His children and daughter-in-law cried and were clearly upset,” she wrote on Twitter. ………… “Taken from the source: https://www.tagesspiegel.de/weltspiegel/hinrichtung-in-den-usa-das-qualvolle-sterben-eines-moerders/9348934.html

Hellish execution in the US: 117 minutes of agony after …


24.07.2014 – But again the execution was completely out of hand. … twitching, trembling, heart attack: the cruel death struggle of the murderer Clayton
If the cruel etchant T61 from the undeclared and smeared EXPLOSIVE ACTION and major portion of N, N-dimethylformamide in T61 (Tanax, T-61 Euthansia Solution) does not appear to be LUMINOUS in seconds, as in intravenous injection, then it looks the same as the dog the video (through the intramuscular injection or if the vein is not hit and injected next to it or if the vein is corroded by the majority DMF)

Is Tributame Euthanasia Solution for Dog Euthanasia Faked by the Israeli Teva?

Teva sold it to the pharmaceutical giant BAYER
The cruel US More under: https://qualvolle-einschlaeferung.de/2728-2/

Intervet / MSD has been threatening us again last year for their GRAUSAMEN and fake mistakenly declared T61 Oils (Tanax in Italy and Chile, T-61 Euthanasia Solution in Canada), as they are also fighting the truth because of their insecticide Bravecto: https://qualvolle-einschlaeferung.de/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Unterlassungserkl%C3%A4rung-Intervet-MSD.pdf

I lost because of the poison smuggler Intervet (MSD) 3 million euros and my home – a semi-detached house because I published the truth – now there is a warrant because I pay the document forger Intervet no penalty for forging the “drug” (etching chemical)

Because the CSU (then the CDU) in the BVL covers forgery of T61 and the poison smuggler and corrosive manufacturer Intervet (MSD) had accused me seven years ago, because we published their fake and illegal horror chemical T61, I, when the anesthetic regulation was born, in the mistaken belief , this would save the animals from the caustic and suffocation, signed a declaration of omission, since the district court Munich I the evidence then (until today) did not want to see. Why they want to seize us since last year, although I personally lost everything and sold my home at a ridiculous price then, so they do not seize them.

Who do you want to arrest now, the first board member or the second board member Gabriele Lang? Apparently both, as it stands. They just do not even know the Angelika’s address, so they probably have the 2nd board arrested for having faked T61 by Intervet (MSD), by misappropriating the animals that should be euthanized by as much suffering as possible and by the two in it chemicals, can suffocate!



The CSU law firm Waigel has sued us for rent arrears! The law firm Schwarz, which our homebuyer Rieder voerh engaged had not sued us!


Which is why I lost everything and almost my mother! She has been in danger of living for a year and three months! Only she got a lifelong right of residence seven years ago when she was 86 years old, from our homebuyer Karl Rieder, who was dragged to us by his criminal broker Hans-Rainer Stelzl, who had ripped us even for 200,000.- €, and one Italian restaurant chain in Munich and around Munich owns! After inviting her to dinner in his novel to discuss the sublease he FORBIDDEN HAD us, my mother had to go to the hospital for a food infection! Since then, she suffers from life-threatening unknown germs and nobody can help her: https://qualvolle-einschlaeferung.de/todesfaelle-nach-dem-essen-im-romans-in-muenchen-durch-lebensgefaehrlichen-blutdruckabfall-mit-herzrasen-karl-rieder-hat-meine-mutter-zum-essen-eingeladen-seither-leidet-sie-an-toxinbildenden-keime/

“Poison from Germany for the USA

A pharmaceutical company is suspected of having illegally supplied veterinary drugs to the United States. The contained drug is also used to execute people. A report of the NDR / SZ research cooperation.

“The execution of death sentences has become a real problem for US justice. Since more and more pharmaceutical companies attach great importance to the fact that their medicines are not used to execute people, there is a veritable shortage of these funds in US prisons. As a result, many US states are now imposing death sentences already imposed or experimenting with untreated chemicals, sometimes with gruesome results. Even agents that are actually intended for the euthanasia of animals are used in executions.

This situation has also been aggravated by the EU anti-torture directive. It provides that the export of medicines that could be used for capital punishment is strictly regulated. And this directive could have deliberately broken a North German pharmaceutical company. This is at least the competent public prosecutor Oldenburg.

The company VET Pharma Friesoythe GmbH from Northern Germany manufactures veterinary medicines and belongs to the US pharmaceutical group Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD) Note from us: https://www.cducsu.de/veranstaltungen/referenten/hanspeter-quodt

“According to documents that NDR and Süddeutsche Zeitung were able to see, the prosecution assumes that between November 2017 and January 2018 VET Pharma delivered tons of the veterinary drug “Beuthanasia-D” to a sister company in the USA. The drug, pentobarbital, is found to be used on US death row to execute people. Pentobarbital, too, is therefore covered by the EU Torture Directive because its export is strictly regulated. For the three batches, each worth around € 200,000, VET Pharma did not have an export license. Employees of VET Pharma apparently have manipulated data in such a way that the delicate cargo is not noticed by the responsible export company. Another export was stopped by customs officials in February 2018 “. Taken from the source”. https://www.dw.com/de/gift-aus-deutschland-f%C3%BCr-die-usa/a-44652266

More about T61 (Tanax, T-61 Euthanasia Solution) tomorrow

our homepage can be reached as follows http://www.qualvolle-einschlaeferung.de

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